About Nida

Nida Collins

Nida Collins is a certified life and business coach specialising in health, success and happiness – the key ingredients to living a fulfilled life.

She has studied personal development and attended many courses and seminars over the past thirty five years but her greatest asset is her own personal life experience .

Nida is happily married for twenty three years to Gerry and has two beautiful daughters Katie Anne and Seana. Her home and personal life always came first, despite running a very successful photography business where she employed five specialist staff and turned over six figures.

In 2004 Nida was diagnosed with breast cancer – she had just began running her business in Ireland, as well as the UK and Spain . Her children were just ten and six.

This was when her personal Developement skills came into their own and after nine months of treatment, while carrying on working and travelling, she was cancer free . However, her experience of cancer gave her a new perspective on life.

Following her recovery, she spent ten years travelling with her children in between running her business. She invested in an old church on 1.4 acres to open a holistic centre with the aim of helping people going through difficult times and also to celebrate family gatherings and events.

But the recession hit Nida’s Dream big time and she fell into serious financial difficulty which brought on a terrible depression.

However, again she rose out of it and started a local women’s network helping lots of local business women improve their business skills . She also instigated and planned a charity ball and calendar, raising over €54,000 for Ofalia House and the Oncology unit in Tullamore.

In the past three years she has studied to become a life coach and during this time her cancer returned in her bones.  She is now living with the disease and determined to develop her new business, which encourages people to connect and support one another through the difficult times and to celebrate during the happy and successful times.

She calls her business “Nida Hug”and daily promotes the importance of hugging as a means of healing both mentality and physically.

Nida invites you to join her online community and can be found on Facebook here: Nida Hug.

She also writes a blog that will inspire you to live your best life possible.

Nida is a master and award-winning photographer and includes her expertise as a photographer to help women build their confidence and self esteem.

Come get a hug from Nida and her team of huggers and join the Hug Fest at Nida Hug ?❤️