An Amazing Journey

This is a throwback post from my old blog, dated March 2014, so it’s a while ago now but it’s a nice story about my journey so far…

This whole journey began last July (2013) and it’s now March 25 2014!! What a journey.

Amazing Christmas, amazing new year, amazing year so far!! It’s all been thanks to total mindfulness and living life on purpose. !

Oh, I’ve heard it and read about it time and time again! I have book upon book on the subject but at last, my constant reading on the subject of positive thinking and personal development wasn’t a waste.

It may have taken me longer than most for it to sink in. I may be a slow learner but I also believe as the saying goes. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”!

I decided to invest in my coaching career. It was a big step and I choose business coaching and I choose to study with an American lady who literally has transformed my life (she doesn’t know it!!).

Transform Your Life

Although, honestly , I suppose I transformed my own life.

It was the accumulation of years of reading and study and practice and then falling off the wagon and getting back on that has changed everything for the better. But the huge realisation was, I had an amazing  life all along  and the hiccup that was the recession, was my new wake up call to take stock yet again.

My commitment to the client attraction challenge, which was a 5 week intensive course with modules to complete and research to do and quite frankly, work to do, made me focus on what was important and what I wanted to achieve. It also made me realise that the man beside me, my hubby had more to offer me professionally than I realised. he has a talent for getting the job done, where I am paralysed by perfection and procrastination.

Also, it became quite clear that it is a useless waste of time and energy to even attempt to change anyone else – even to change their mind. The easiest thing to do is change what is not right in our  own mind!

Mind Your Own Business

So “Mind your own business” is the order of the day!

My new found energy and enthusiasm for life didn’t really shock anyone. That’s when I realised I had that spark most of the time. I just lost it for a while.   That was reassuring too. But I also know I am in a far stronger place to handle what life throws at me.

Why do I know that? Because I have proved it time and time again. Also I know whatever does come my way, I will handle it!

Fear stops us from achieving so much.

It’s wonderful to overcome fear on a daily basis. I have committed to being afraid at least once every two days – to do something that scares me a bit!! It’s what makes us feel alive…

My challenge is over. It’s time for Nida Collins, holistic life and business coach, author and speaker. My plan is to inspire thousands of men and women all over the world to sieze the day and live their most amazing life, which is their birth right.

Just do it… just do it ?

Nida Collins

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