October should be Breast HEALTH Awareness

I love Autumn and the changing colour’s, but I hate the Breast Cancer awareness promotion.

Why can’t we highlight and promote Health and have a positive approach to taking care of ourselves .

My greatest passion is to help others live a wonderful life. Not just a hum drum ok life that over 90% of people live, but an amazing life.

I’m excited to guide and support and hug my clients towards living their dream. That dream may be being a terrific Wife and Mother, excelling at your chosen career or actually finding a job that you love, finding the love of your life, starting your own business, figuring out what to do after being made redundant, figuring out what to do after retiring. We have only one life, to waste it being discontent is a terrible mistake.

Being healthy, happy and successful is your birthright .

I have been forced to look back on my life and can honestly say I’ve had one amazing life!

Happily married to my beloved hubby, two beautiful daughters doing very well, magnificent family and friends, a beautiful home, an amazing career as a master photographer which gave us the freedom to travel on great holidays all over the world with our girls and the strength to deal with a life threatening illness and not allow it to destroy me.

I have no need to work or put pressure on myself any more but I long to help others.

For me, that’s my saving grace, that’s my calling. In actual fact my name NIDA means ” a calling ” in arabic ! Bet my beloved Father didn’t know that when he named me along with a wonderful priest called FR.McWey!

I have truly found mine.

If you would like me to help you, get in touch! My workshop will be starting soon!

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