Give Up Self-Hate

I’m doing a series of posts as I read this book; Terry Cole-Whittaker‘s What You Think of Me is None of My Business. The subtitle is about following your inner path to happiness, success and self-fulfilment.

The main message of Chapter 4 is: ‘Others are NOT your source’.

People may be the avenue or the channel,through which your happiness, wellbeing, and prosperity flow, but they are not the cause.

The marvellous fact is, that no matter how you misdirected your power yesterday, you can make a complete turnaround today (which is so reassuring!).

You MUST give up self hate and self disapproval. You must give up the need for approval from others other than yourself.

Try this affirmation: “I have all the resources, time, energy and wealth to do what I want in life. Whatever I need, whenever I need it, I attract it to me”.

Nida Collins

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