Hugging Success!

As a health success and happiness coach I intend to embrace it all and share it all. My blogs will be about health or success or happiness or all of the above so we can learn to embrace all as we go through our lives. Today is about success.

I decided to interview a local and nationally renowned artist Angela Burns to find out how she turned her jewellery business into a national success.


Angela and I know each other since we were kids and our Fathers were good friends. Her beautiful Mother is an amazingly gifted artist and they have both done exhibitions together down through the years. The Burns’ ladies work hangs in homes all over the country and they have exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries in Ireland.

Angela however, similar to myself had other passions that she wanted to explore. As we chatted about our child hood, and then about our single days we discovered we were both wild out! Most creative people are! Angela adores nature and the outdoors and lives in a picturesque part of Offaly in a quaint cottage along with her partner and her grown up kids who come and go to visit. She always loved jewellery but in particular vintage style. Angela began to explore the area of making and designing jewellery and began to research into finding all sorts of gems and stones and beads worldwide to begin her collection. She began to showcase her work on Face Book and now has over twenty thousand followers worldwide. Her jewellery is truly unique and jaw droopingly beautiful. I’ve discovered two important things that have Angela’s business as successful as it is. Her passion and love of her product and her giving ability. Angela puts time and effort and attention to detail into each piece she makes.


You can see the devotion she has while she works. While I was sipping tea and chatting to Angela she was working under light with her tools putting together a selected piece for a client. When she finished the piece she carefully polished it, wrapped it in her signature tissue with its personal card and put it in one of her gorgeous gift bags ready for delivery.

Angela also is a huge giver. Apart from donating to local charities including our own Little Wishes Edendery (a charity who gives special treats to people affected by cancer), each and every one of her clients gets a special gift of a pair of earrings. She prides herself in her personal service and a visit to Angela’s quaint and beautifully decorated work shop is an experience.

She designs specially pieces for individual needs including wedding parties where she colour coordinates to suit the Bride and bridesmaid as well as the all important mother of the bride and groom. Her jewellery also makes the most beautiful gift for any special occasion. The next great reason for her success apart, from her great marketing skills on Face book and other social media sights where she runs regular competitions where you can win one of her pieces is her prices! You will never ever believe what amazing value her jewellery is. It is so affordable that women have huge collections of her work in all different colours to match different out fits. Angela kindly gifted me one of her watches that I love and it retail in her workshop for just 25 Euro!! Seriously why not have it in silver, gold and rose gold at that price.

Angela is truly an inspiration for the Nida Success slot of my blog as she truly inspires us to seek out our passion and with dedication and hard work at what you love, you will succeed.

Check out Angela’s link and please like and comment in the box below and share Angela’s link by way of supporting local business and enterprise.received_10154151081312993received_10154151081762993





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