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Of all the complexity of intimate relationships we have at home, most of us actually spend the biggest part of our time at work.

As a consequence, the relationships we have with those at work take on tremendous importance. In most instances, our work occurs in organisations of some kind where there is a structure, a hierarchy. When the game called business is properly played, the players are continually challenged to use their abilities and have the opportunity to grow.

What too often happens is that the business situation becomes one in which people are, in a sense, killed – their abilities stifled, their self confidence undermined, their self worth destroyed.

Sounds harsh? Look around you. People are constantly on sick leave. They can’t get along with the person next to them. The employee doesn’t get on with the employer and feels used and abused and taken for granted.

On the other hand – Enlightened management is concerned with creating a work environment that is nurturing, supportive, fun, and prosperous for all involved.

Bosses create a positive work environment. Whether the organisation is making a product or providing a service, the boss’s overall purpose can only be fulfilled when the employees are able to expand their talents and capabilities. In this environment, people learn how to communicate, how to work with others of different backgrounds and how to enjoy being members of a team.

When you see the organisational purpose as a spiritual opportunity you (boss or employee) can transcend life by seeing that your job, business, money, relationships all come out of a level of spiritual consciousness, your own intention. Such awareness challenges the barriers and obstacles, and makes possible mastery of life.

And that means mastery of business and organisations. Organisations will work when you know how to make them work. If you are starting a business, make certain you hire only players, only individuals, who are willing to support the purpose and goals and intentions of your organisation, and have the ability to do the job that is there for them to do. We must recognise that what people really want out of work relationship is not peace and tranquility, not higher pay and shorter hours, not something for nothing. At the bottom line, they want love, understanding, support, security, and freedom to be all they can be. ”


“I accept responsibility for my organisation knowing that all my actions are for the best of all concerned.”

“I gladly accept the support of those I work with knowing that each of us is in our right place “.

Nida’s input — I’ve been working since I was 12 years old in retail (family business) where I learned so much about dealing with customers, housekeeping and dedication!

What my mother taught me: ” The young kids coming in buying penny chewing gum are your customers of the future, so treat them with the respect they deserve. If your cat died it’s not your customers problem so keep smiling. Keep your shop spotless and yourself spotless and add on a touch of something to remind your customer they are precious. That can be as simple as helping them out to the car with their groceries, or a free lolly for the child.”

It all sounds simple but it has worked for me years on ! As a photographer I gave in excess of what my client expected. I never gave discount but delivered their portraits with a bottle of champagne or Jo Malone perfume.

I wrapped my work in tissue paper and beautiful wrapping paper and bows. I always gave more than was expected.

As for my team- I trained young photographers and they got the chance to travel on shoots. I was generous and gave extra when we had a good month. I brought them to conferences, had Friday evening as inspiration day where we would watch a movie like The Secret, and drank tea and had scones. I had a Pilates class one morning a week for my team and always had team meetings.

I have to add, I made plenty of mistakes too ! Far too generous where it wasn’t appreciated and a tad too soft !!

But I’ve learned from my mistakes and will be more aware next time! Hope all these little (or long!!) posts are helping some of you in some small way ! Xx

Nida Collins

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