Money Is Your Right


Money in itself is only a symbol of wealth and freedom and in itself possesses no magical powers other than the power men give it.

But we give it all kinds of powers to avoid responsibility of assuming these powers ourselves. We give money the power to make us secure, insecure, happy, unhappy, healthy, ill, successful, sexy, beautiful, dumb, better or worse than others – you name it – even immortal in the money we leave our family.

In reality, money has none of these powers. Money is the means of exchange that we use on this planet for the convenient and efficient trading of goods and services.

Yet through our misconceptions, money has become the most misunderstood and complicated artefacts in our lives. We have made a God of money and often treat it as if it had a mind of its oown. Well it doesn’t. In fact, it does only what we tell it to do. It comes to you when you call it and it goes away when you reject it. The bottom line is that you create money through your own acceptance of your prosperity. We live in a very real physical world too where our basic needs of food and shelter must be met. The physical world is God’s gift to us, and the abundance and satisfaction are there for us to enjoy if we get our priorities right. Because of our disorder of priorities we think that “if only I had more money, everything would be ok and life would be great”.

How do you account for all those people who have plenty of money but are still insecure and uneasy about life? No matter how people try they cannot make money a sufficient substitute for the spiritual life of fulfilment, satisfaction and power.

You should remember each moment of your life that “spirit through mind creates the physical. “people often feel guilty about not only possessing money but merely for wanting more money. The guilt stems from a sort of clouded awareness that they are trying to substitute the physical world for the spiritual world of fulfilment.

But the good news is, you can have both!

Receiving comes out of giving and the spirit in which we give. There are those who give out of fear, and that’s not really giving. There are others who are afraid to give for fear they will lose what they have and they won’t be any more left. And there are still others who think you have to give but you don’t get anything back, so they give and don’t receive. People find it difficult to believe that it is necessary to give first, if they are to receive. But this is a universal lawn, and it applies to the gifts of love, attention, and respect just as it does to the gift of money.

God is the source of abundances, and all kinds of material things are available to us. We can have as little or as much as we choose. But we must understand the spiritual laws. One of these laws is the law of circulation. The universal law is that what you give, you get back. Give nothing, and you get nothing. Fail to abide by the law of circulation and your relationships, personal or financial, become stagnant. Many myths and beliefs about money block out receiving and create fear in giving. For example: “money is scarce, money doesn’t grow on trees, I don’t deserve it, I must be educated to be prosperous, money corrupts people, money is the root of all evil, only greedy dishonest people are rich, for me to be wealthy, someone else is deprived, the government take it all anyway, if I work hard for money I’ve no time for my family, rich people are too busy making money to be with their kids, it’s a disgrace to see people spend money on designer stuff when half the world starves” and so the list goes on.

These beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation – it’s our acceptance of these beliefs that creates our or unhappy relationship with money and our failure to have money. For the people of the world to be prosperous, we must all accept our own divine inheritance and help and support others in accepting and having theirs. No one is better than another. We are all magnificent beings equally deserving of prosperity. Those who have wealth bear an obligation to teach and assist others to having and those who don’t have, have a responsibility to expand their prosperity consciousness and make a contribution to the world.


“Every time I give, I receive back my gift multiplied from sources known and unknown.”

“I love money and money loves me.”

“With my money I do things for others as well as for myself.”

“I know that my prosperity actually helps me be of service to myself and others – my friends, family, loved ones and even strangers “. ( that’s my personal favourite !)


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