Nida Hugging Success

The first time I met Michelle was a good few years ago at the Offaly Enterprise Awards. I was an award-winning portrait photographer and Michelle was an award-winning Glass Artist whose creativity and international success blew me away. I’ll admit, I was a little jealous as she was a spectacular lady with huge humility and a deep hearted love for her native Donegal. She was totally inspired by her time on the sea and she had fallen in love with her soul mate who took away the financial pressure by working as her business partner and accountant.


Michelle lives just out the road from Edenderry and it’s unreal to imagine such talent that is known worldwide is manifested in our country fields! She is a happily married Mother and a great part of our community.
I had the time of my life when I went out to interview her for my blog.

What did I feel as I went to visit? A huge Hugging welcome and unbelievable generosity. She just kept giving. She gave me her time, her tea! She gave me beautiful starfish designs to share with those who attended my M and Ms Workshop. She is going to design my splash back for the kitchen.

Now this lady ‘s exquisite designs are displayed all over the world as far as the Far East. Her humility is captivating! She lives in the land with her family. She is one of us with her hubby and kids her main passion in life, then her passion is glass.


I believe in positive energy. Her creations are manifested through huge love and desire for God’s inspiration and things made from the imagination. Owning one of her pieces is as special as owning one of Gods.

Please support our amazing creative Glass artist. She is inspiring us!
The following is from her website …
Michelle O Donnell is an Artist and Sculptor who has worked extensively for public and private glass art commissions. Some clients include Shell Oil, Glaxo Smith Kline, OPW, Department of Finance, Compaq Computers, Accenture and Green Properties. Her work covers a broad spectrum from internal architectural commissions to large public state bodies. Her work is highly regarded both at home and abroad and she has shown her work in private collections all over the world.


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