M + M’s Workshop


Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, frustrated or confused about any part of your life?

Whether it is to do with you work, career, family, relationship or your thoughts and feelings on your spiritual beliefs.

Are you over worked, underpaid?

Is your life cluttered with things to do , places to be and commitments that you aren’t even sure are important in your life but you have committed to out of a sense of duty?

Is every day the same old same old and you feel like a prisoner in your own life because you have children, family, loved ones depending on you?

Have you no time for yourself?

Do you often wish to disappear or run away if only for a day to get to grips with what’s actually going on in your life?

Do you wish to pursue a dream, a hobby but have no idea how to even begin?

Do you often feel alone and isolated and like no one, not even your immediate family or loved one understands you or your dreams and aspirations?

Would you love to meet someone who totally gets you! Understands you, wants to support you?

DO you deep down believe that it is possible to live a totally fulfilled life and that when the going gets tough there are ways to handle it?


How would you like to de-clutter your life and get clarity on what it is you want to do be and have in your life?

Would you like to wake every morning feeling excited about the day ahead and fully focused on what you want to achieve?

Would you seriously love to get to grips with living in the moment and being aware of the preciousness of time?

Imagine being worry free. It is possible with practice!

Imagine being on the path to realising your passion and embracing every aspect of your life

More importantly, imagine having the tools to help you when you meet serious obstacles that before immobilised you for day’s even months but now you can overcome in hours with practice.



A bit about Nida:

My own personal experiences and passion for positive happy living and my in depth study of personal development from the age of sixteen has brought me to this place now.  I am committed to helping and supporting others who are in touch with themselves to the point that they know they are in charge of their lives and destiny and when they meet bumps in the road they believe there is a way over them. I am a certified life and business coach but more importantly a never ending student of personal development and human psychology having attended and studied under the mentorship of some of the greats including the late Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson and many more. My personal journey of living a full life despite experiencing the recession, depression and cancer bring me to a place where I am devoting my time to helping and supporting others by sharing my experience and bringing positive action steps for positive change. Before you commit to my work shop or any for that matter, ask yourself why? Be sure you ate ready to commit and do the work because no work shop will help if you aren’t willing to take the steps. It all really in your hands, but made easier with my help.

If all the above resonates with you and you are a person who believes you have the power to bring positive change into your life with a little help from a dear friend.

Nida Hug and the M and M’s programme promises to be that friend.

The work shop promises to:

  • Give you a safe place where you can explore all that is holding you back from realising your dreams and passions.
  • Recognising all that is working and great in your life so the feeling of gratitude floods your system.
  • Leaning tools and systems that can be used on a daily basis to overcome overwhelm and anxiety.
  • To become familiar with your hidden gifts and talents that perhaps you over looked or didn’t realise are actual gifts and talents as you became blinded by them.
  • To bring together the goals you wish to achieve and more importantly when you want to achieve them.
  • To set out a plan of action that fits in with your daily life and commitments in order to avoid overwhelmed
  • To find a Hug buddy who will bring accountability as well as daily support.
  • To celebrate life and all it has to offer by being part of a positive loving community of huggers.

What happens at the M and M workshop

So we begin at 10am where we aquaint ourselves with the group. I intentionally keep the group small so everyone can get a really indepth release.  We enjoy a power juice, Tea, Coffee, or herbal tea.

The workshop begins with contemplating what is not working in our lives . It’s a chance to have a rant and boy that’s allowed! Just like young kids have a tantrum there is a reason. It gets the upset out of their system. Well we will begin with that. 

Then it’s time to change our mind set by looking within with a quick meditation, followed by a chance to express gratitude for what is working in our lives. This time of feeling grateful brings about a sudden change in our bodies. We will support this change with some quick moves.  A time to dance and celebrate!

We will break for an hour where you get to enjoy a homemade delicious lunch.

We will then move into magical moments

This is when we clarify what we want out of life moving forward. We will work on a concrete action plan and arrange for you to have a hug buddy so you can stay accountable to your actions.

Masterful moments highlight the next steps you need to take, once you leave on the day.

Afternoon tea is served before you leave so we can discuss as a group what we have achieved.

I will be introducing you to tools, techniques and resources that will support you on your journey, giving you a concrete action plan. This is an ongoing practice and only you can decide if you are willing to give the ideas a chance by doing the work. I  love  to take action so I have tried and tested the whole science and research and success of techniques.