You Are Complete

I think I found this book in a charity shop but oddly it called out to me again the other day (as a lot of my reading material does, as I need it.)

Boy, it is helping me already! So I’m going to do a series of posts as I read this book; Terry Cole-Whittaker‘s What You Think of Me is None of My Business. The subtitle is about following your inner path to happiness, success and self-fulfilment.

The book reiterates the need for the inner work we often need. For those who feel uncomfortable with the use of the word GOD, we are all aware now to change it to the word you are comfortable with.

It’s only a word! It’s the belief and essence you are comfortable with that’s important so I hope that helps.

Chapter One

“Power , you already have it! The first truth you must accept is that you are already a complete person. That’s the way God made you.

The second truth is that you are a creative being. This is your true nature. You are always creating.

The third truth is that you create thoughts from your present beliefs about God, yourself and life in general.

The fourth truth is that you have made decisions about yourself, others, and life that were once conscious decisions but have become unconscious ones and yet continue to direct your decisions and determine the quality of your life.

The fifth truth is that the universe is totally supportive and cooperative. It says “yes” to your ideas, to both the good ones and the bad ones. It says “yes” even to the ideas that will destroy you – so that’s one to watch!

So no one is coming along to save you . The message is that only YOU can do that!

Nida Collins

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